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NEW:  PERIOD 9 FENG SHUI BIBLE w/230+ pages and 10 hrs.  
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This is a condensed version of the "Period 9 Feng Shui Bible" at a more affordable price.  It contains over 80% major info of the original course.  Special emphasis is put on the problems and issue in Period upgrade and remedies for inability to upgrade to Period 9.   Click here for details.


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NEW!  "Luck Enhancement and Misfortune Mitigation with Bazi and Feng Shui"

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1.  Practical Imperial Qi-Men-Dun-Jia 4G (2021) with 12 hours video (US$1199)  : This course is specifically developed for instant mastery of QMDJ method via video and additional study aids.  Student with basic Chinese metaphysics background can learn how to use QMDJ in as little as 5-minutes.  Click here for more details.   
2.  Professional Qi-Men-Dun-Jia 4G with with 21 hours video (US$1999):  This is the superset of the Practical IQMDJ.  It is the ultimate in QMDJ with rare materials not find in the market.  It is designed for professional practitioners and future QMDJ teachers.  Click HERE for more details.  
3.  Easy Qi-Men-Dun-Jia Series Correspondence Course (Now with video) : This series of 3 QMDJ courses provide some basic QMDJ techniques that are easy to learn and apply, such as astrology, date-selection, task selection  and Feng Shui.  Its content compliments the Imperial QMDJ courses.   Click here for more details. 
4.  EZ Qi-Men-Dun-Jia: Advanced Feng Shui with 4 hours HD video (US$799):  This is the enhanced version of EZ QMDJ Feng Shui with detailed and in-depth treatment of 20 functional areas of a house-- a must for people who design houses BEFORE it is built.      Click here for more details. 
5.  Destiny & Luck Management:  Forecasting & Decision Support System w/32 hr. HD video (US$1299) :   The "Destiny & Luck Methods" enable one to make forecasts of any event and require no birthday info.  It can enhance or accelerate the events for positive results or delay, mitigate or neutralize events that may have negative outcomes. Prerequisite: almost none; nice to have knowledge of Yi-Jing or 4P or "stems and branches".  Click here for more details. 
6Applied Bazi:  Sickness Forecasting and Management w/ 33 hrs. HD video (US$1999).  This course is a must for TCM and medical professional to help their diagnoses and for people to do their life/ health insurance planning and disaster prevention and mitigation. Prerequisite: knowledge of calculating the favorable element ("yong-shen, useful god) of a Bazi chart.  Click HERE for more details.
7.  4P Forecasting Boot-camp+ with 18 hours video (US$999): If you can afford only one 4-Pillars seminar,   this is it. This course  is designed for students who do not want take endless 4P modules, but want to find out whether client’s situation is Feng Shui or destiny-related. Manual grows to over 400 pages in 2022.  Now includes Quick Visual 4P Reading enhanced manual and video.   Click here for more details.
8.  Advanced Visual Form Feng Shui with 23.5 hour HD video (US$999):  This seminar focuses on how forms (both indoor and outdoor) and li qi (formula) work together to bring out positive or negative effects.  This is a very VISUAL class.  Ken will how off his photos and videos taken around the world to illustrate difficult concepts.  There are real cases studies with diagrams to provide easy understanding and application of theories to reality.  Bring your luopan or compass if you got one.  Click here for more details.
9.  Visual Form Feng Shui with 13 hour HD video (US$799):  This is a subset of "Advanced Form FS" with Business Form FS and some complicated topics removed.  It contains 75% of the advanced version listed in previous paragraph at a substantial saving.   Click here for more details.
10.  Period 9 Feng Shui Bible w/14 hrs. HD video (US$1199). This seminar provides practitioners with a handy toolkit to capitalize Period 8 Feng Shui upgrade demands and handle the popular P8 and new P9 houses in the real estate market.  It also enhances students’ Flying Star techniques and accuracy.    Click here for more details.   
11.  Period 9 Feng Shui Survival Guide for Period Houses w/9 hrs. HD video (US$999)This is a condensed version of "P9 Feng Shui Bible" with a more affording price.  It keeps over 80% contents of the original course with emphasis on Period upgrade issues and remedies for P8 houses NOT upgrading to P9.  Click here for more details.
12.  Feng Shui Toolbox: Sha-qi, Health, Wealth & Career w/ 7 hrs. HD video (US$799): Avoiding bad things from happening is half of the job of a Feng Shui reading. This seminar shows how to identify both physical and non-physical shas, how to measure it, how to predict misfortune/ fortune based on sha information and how to fix or avoid them.  Methods introduced are ancient and proven and can be used to complement Flying Star or other Feng Shui methods. There are a few "grandmaster" level techniques presented in the course that worth 10x more than the price of the courses.    Click here for more details. 
13.  Practical Door Feng Shui with 3 hr. video (US$799) : The ultimate secret in Feng Shui is:  Getting the door done right and everything else will be a snap. This seminar covers multiple approaches to door placement.  It is like taking multiple seminars for the price of one!   It even includes XKDG Feng Shui (some teachers charges thousands of dollars for this topic alone!) .  UPDATED TO PERIOD 9 FENG SHUI!  Click here for more details  
14.  Practical Date-selection Methods Collection w/ 13 hr. video (US$899) : If you can only afford one date-selection course, this is it! The course includes numerous methods for instantly selecting auspicious date and directions, without having to learn complicated methods.    It even includes XKDG date-selection (some teachers charges thousands of dollars for this topic alone!).  NEW 2022 edition.  Click here for more details.
15.  Daoist Talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing   V. 3 w/ 30 hrs. video (US$1998):  This video correspondence course version covers more materials than the live seminar!  Restricted enrollment (not everyone accepted).   Click here for more details   
16.  Visual Bazi: Wealth Secrets and Maximization  (US$1699):  This course has 300 case studies, 450+ pages color manual and 18 hours of HD video.  It may enhance and save your financial futures.  A must for professional Bazi readers as "wealth" is the most popular question in Bazi consultations.  Click here for more details.
17.  Luck Enhancement and Misfortune Mitigation with Bazi and Feng Shui w/ 45 hr. video (US$2999):  This course has over 60 chapters and 400 pages manual with over 50 cases to show you how to enhance your luck and mitigate misfortune.  Click here for details.


  • no loss of income or vacation leave
  • no air-plane ticket, hotel and meal costs-- the saving can sometimes pay for the correspondence course!
  • learn at your own pace and comfort level-- will not be blame for dragging down the more advanced students as in a live seminar
  • no need to relearn the "basics" for the 10th times-- you can always fast-forward or jump to the sections that you want to learn fast
  • learn the subject faster-- a video course can cover the same amount of materials at 1/3 of the time needed for live seminar due to no interruptions, coffee breaks, distractions and unrelated questions.
  • no more tough choice between "taking notes or listening"-- you can play the same video segment multiple times until you get it
  • share experience and questions with other students with the private discussion list for the course
  • with no restriction on time and space, video correspondence course can cover more info than live seminar
  • all our video courses are interactive and menu-driven with Windows-based PC.  You can jump from one topic to another at ease


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  1. I bought professional qmdj. It is very useful. I have applied in many aspects of my life such as meeting, negotiating and risk taking decision Thanks, ken.

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