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Destiny and Luck Management: Advanced Bazi Therapy and Enhancement

Destiny & Luck Management: Advanced Bazi Therapy & Enhancement with 18 hours video ...........US$1299

This course is a continuation of the DLM2: Basic Bazi Therapy & Enhancement.  DLM2 tries to keep everything simple and manageable even for people with limited Bazi knowledge.  It delimits the scope to Bazi remedies only.  As you may realize by now, quite often, some charts have no cure or have very limited options. When you cannot do anything through the Bazi channel, you need to use other methods to apply your remedies.

In this Advanced version, we will employ methods “external” to the Bazi system to cure or enhance natal charts and luck pillars.  It is like using the “backdoor” to manage destiny. We will be able to do things that the strictly Bazi system cannot touch.  Although you will still run into charts that are almost impossible to fix, at least you can do “something” with the advanced version here.

When you have taken “Destiny  & Luck Management—Forecasting and Decision-support System” in the future, your options in destiny management will even be more wide open—you can actively do something to change your life events or creating the opportunity yourself instead of being just reactive to future uncertainties.

This course focuses on practical aspects of destiny management via Bazi, Feng Shui and other related channels.  It minimizes long discussions on theories.  This course specializes on both the natal chart and luck periods and its interactions with client’s Feng Shui environment.  We will NOT teach the details about Feng Shui here. Instead, we will provide critical info in the reference manual (from the Basic Bazi course). People with little or even no Feng Shui background still can “get-by” with this concise information.   The following list shows you the scope of this course:
  • misfortune neutralization methods
  • pillar interactions/ conflicts
  • advanced remedies
  • legal and career problems adjustment
  • opportunity/ career creation/ academic enhancements
  • wealth luck enhancement
  • annual luck adjustments
  • romance/ marital adjustments
  • mate and partner selection
  • Bazi Feng Shui
Just like DLM2 course, you will have a few “Ah! Ah!” moments with the incredible simplicity and elegant solutions in managing your destiny.


  • First course of this kind released to non-Chinese readers and speakers
  • First Chinese metaphysical course released in High Definition video
  • Many secret and amazing techniques are released for the first time to non-Chinese readers
  • Over 18 hours of HD video that will take 5 days of live seminar to cover--  a tremendous value and “return on investment” for the price charged
  • Course DVDs are completely menu-driven and user-friendly
  • This course has been meticulously researched,designed and tested for five years
  • This course does NOT fight destiny but exploiting the rules of nature (or heaven) to change and enhance your destiny
  • This course helps you proactively taking charge of your destiny and not waiting passively for fate to strike
  • This course helps you to swim with the “destiny sharks” without being eaten alive and hopefully harvesting some shark fins for soup
  • This advanced course adds more depth and flexibility to the basic course
  • Provides systematic and structured approach to figure out DM strength and profile
  • Handles areas that cannot be touched by the "Basic Bazi Therapy" course
  • "Bazi Feng Shui" secrets revealed
  • Detailed and in-depth coverage on "mate/ partner selection"
  • Find the best location of a house based on one's birth month and day
  • Fortune-telling using 12 life-stages
  • Includes 15 detailed case studies and numerous examples which integrate both Bazi and pertinent Feng Shui knowledge
  • Provides quick and easy ways to spot 4P chart problems and HOW to fix them with simple remedies and inexpensive cures
  • Remedies and cures can be totally non-religious and energy-based
  • Numerous hard to find and rare high level Bazi techniques revealed
  • On-going support and updates through online private discussion group
  • More lineage-class secrets released only via online private discussion list
  • Designed as a “business in a box” for a successful consulting operation with detailed business forms and cheat sheets
  • This course is a perfect addition to your Bazi or 4-Pillars toolbox
  • Expand your Bazi practice with new service items that the public needs year after year
Course manual has 124 pages.  It would have been over 200 pages if standard 12 point-sized fonts were used.  The 112 pages Reference Manual  that comes with the Basic course is also part of this course.

FOR ORDER OR INFO, PLEASE EMAIL: kenlai88@yahoo.com
ASK FOR SPECIAL PRICING when ordering both Basic and Advanced versions!


This course assumes you: 
-- have taken  “Destiny Management 2: Bazi Therapy and Enhancement”
-- have taken at least one Feng Shui course or have knowledge of 8-mansions and Flying Star Feng Shui

NOTE:  Some of the cures and remedies in this course are temporary or "emergency assistance" that may last a few weeks to months only.


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