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Luck Enhancement & Misfortune Mitigation with Bazi & Feng Shui


45 hours HD video course with manuals..........US $2999

With traditional Bazi, there is not much you can do when you see “bad luck” coming as fore-warned by your Bazi chart.  The “old” way of destiny management was “sitting tight”, avoid taking risks or traveling during a “low luck” period.  This course will change the dynamics of luck and misfortune management.

Main objectives of this course:

  • Predict upcoming good luck and misfortune and enhance or mitigate its effects using methods presented in this course.
  • If misfortune has already happened, we try to limit or mitigate its effects with the tools and techniques included in this course.
The methods employed in this course are based on Bazi, Feng Shui, Yi-jing and other metaphysical methods.  Remedies and enhancements are inexpensive and readily available in our daily environment.  No religious belief is required though such belief may help. 

The first edition of this course was released in 2009 with the title "Destiny and Luck Management: Basic/ Advanced Bazi Therapy".  The word "therapy" may have spooked some people away thinking it is medical stuff.  We rename this course for easy understanding of what it is about.  13 years of testing in the field gives us insight on what works better and updated this course with 30%+ more materials and case studies.  The manual pages is almost doubled.  New videos with ultimate secrets are added.  A "Fast-track" video edition is included for the advanced Bazi students to "dive in" without delay.

  • Many secret and amazing techniques are released for the first time to non-Chinese readers
  • 45 hours of HD video that will take 10+ days of live seminar to cover--  a tremendous value and “return on investment” for the price charged
  • Course videos are completely menu-driven and user-friendly
  • This course has been meticulously researched, designed and tested for over 15 years
  • This course helps you proactively taking charge of your destiny and not waiting passively for fate to strike
  • Provides systematic and structured approach to figure out DM strength and profile
  • Innovative "client-based favorable element" testing questionnaire
  • Super concise date-selection methods to enhance treatment effects
  • Includes 22  detailed basic cases, 15 detailed advanced cases, 12 techniques quick demos and 4 detailed real life cases studies and numerous examples to show hidden secrets. 
  • A 4-pages Mega Cheat Sheets that summarizes most of the course materials for quick references
  • Provides quick and easy ways to spot Bazi chart problems and HOW to fix them with simple remedies and inexpensive cures
  • Remedies and cures can be totally non-religious and energy-based
  • Numerous hard to find and rare high level Bazi techniques and materials revealed
  • On-going support and updates through online private discussion group
  • More lineage-class secrets released only via online private discussion list
  • Designed as a “business in a box” for a successful consulting operation with detailed business forms and cheat sheets
  • This course is a perfect addition to your Bazi or 4-Pillars toolbox
  • Expand your Bazi practice with new service items that the public needs year after year

Course manuals has 400+ pages.
  It would have been over 600 pages if standard 12 point-sized fonts were used.  Main manual has over 60 chapters!  There is also a 110+ pages Reference Manual with many useful Bazi and Feng Shui info.  Materials in this course could easily be 5+ courses if taught by other teachers.   

This course covers the following topics and more:

  • pillar interactions/ conflicts
  • annual luck adjustments
  • wealth luck enhancement
  • remedial work on missing "transformation stars” (“10 gods”)
  • corrective measure on excessive elements
  • void branch remedies
  • cures for clashes/ combinations/ penalties
  • personality adjustment
  • opportunity/career creation
  • academic enhancements
  • romance/ marital adjustments
  • remedies based on client request 
  • misfortune neutralization methods
  • advanced remedies
  • legal and career problems adjustment
  • weight-loss through Bazi and Feng Shui
  • mate and partner selection
  • health problems
  • Bazi Feng Shui, 8-Mansion and Flying Stars Feng Shui
  • Feng Shui remedies and enhancements
  • Feng Shui Period changes strategies
  • Find the best location of a house based on one's birth month and day
  • Fortune-telling using 12 life-stages
  • and many more other topics!  
The cures are based on largely Bazi principles and theories for this course.  It  has a special formula and support system to enable anyone with basic Bazi knowledge to handle the prescription and cure of most Bazi charts and common client requests.


An 11 hours Fast-track edition designed for advanced Bazi students is included.  Students can dive directly into the core materials of this course without going through materials that they may have already learned.  This special edition contains additional advanced videos not found in the standard edition. 


This course assumes you:

    -- have taken at least one 4P course
    -- know how to construct a 4P chart (manually or using a computer)
    -- know how to figure out the strength of a day-master
    -- find out favorable/unfavorable elements of a 4P chart.
    -- basic knowledge of 8-Mansion or Bazhai Feng Shui and Flying Star Feng Shui (if not, simply follow course instructions)

    Anyway, we have included extensive 4P materials in the “Fundamentals” and “Reference” sections to help you “refresh” your memory.  The information included can easily become another Bazi course by itself!  Those materials will help you “troubleshoot” Bazi charts.  There will be detailed training on how to spot out problems in Bazi charts.
    NOTE:  Some of the cures and remedies in this course are temporary or "emergency assistance" that may last a few weeks to months only.


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