Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Practical Date-Selection Methods


PRACTICAL DATE-SELECTION METHODS w/13 hrs. video.....   US$899
(incl. XKDG)-- co-authored with Master Lee   

If you can only afford one date-selection course, this is it! The course includes numerous methods for instantly selecting auspicious date and directions, without having to learn complicated methods. It focuses on practical applications of date selection. You can apply them immediately to improving many aspects of your life, including wealth creation, Feng Shui, travel, negotiations, arbitration, networking and even luck enhancement.  When you learn the methods of tapping the dynamic time luck just right, you can be in the right place in the right time.

NEW! 13 hours of video going over the manual plus additional methods!  DVD is user-friendly and menu-driven,

1. "YANG-GONG TIAN-YUAN GREY-RABBIT CLASSICS":  Yang Gong, a.k.a. “Master-Save-the-Poor” had developed this date-selection method for his Feng Shui applications.  This is the ultimate in date-selections for many grand masters.  It can be applied to virtually on any  Feng Shui activities like moving, grand-opening, funeral, setting up stove/doors and etc..  The method is transmitted through oral tradition and lineages.  People who have the authentic codes of this method always get great results.  However, the original method was twisted through oral transmission and is very difficult to learn and apply.  We have done the hard work to enable you to use this profound method in 5 minutes!   This method alone is worthy of the price of this course.
2. "SIMPLE BAZI DATE-SELECTION" :  A quick way to select a good day base on client's bazi (4-pillars) or the elemental nature of the activities.

This course includes Xuan Kong Da Gua Date-Selection Method that you can learn in a flash and NOT 5+ days as taught by some teachers. Just the XKDG date-selection alone worth the price of this course, not to mention the rarely taught Yiu-sha and Star Yiu-sha days and the Real San Sha day/ hour tables will save many lives and avoiding misfortune for you and your clients.  The writers are grateful for sharing this important date-selection info to build up their karma credits.  Course manual is about 200 pages w/ one CD.    

NEW!!  A 10+ rings luopan template included-- handles Flying Stars, Bazhai, XKDG, San He and more!


1.  "Big sneaky remodeling/ maintenance days" that ignore any negative energy
2.  "Simple date-selection based on Bazi favorable elements
3.  Yang Gong's Tian-Yuan Crow-rabbit Classics
4.  "Maiden of 9 heavens auspicious repair days"
5.  "Traveling or driving day/hour/direction selection"
6.  "Marriage: Proposal, engagement, wedding and bed setting
7.  "144 animal signs combinations: Marriage date-selection based on couples'   animal signs
8.  "Departure: Funeral and burial
9.  "Quality control: Critical final inspection of the date selected"

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